Historic Cargo

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We have a dedicated professional approach, no matter the volume, or where in the world the stock is located.

Examples of previous trades:

3 x Desalination plants, 1 x Nakamura-Tome CNC Machine, 30 x Refridgerated 40ft Containers, 1x Carl Zeiss Electron 50 Microscope, 5000 tonnes Direct Reduced Iron Pellets, 1,500 tonnes Kone Bucket Wheel Coal Unloader, 130+ mixed containers off the Napoli Container Ship, $1 Million Chocolates, 2 Million DVDs, 240 Nissan Cars, 14,000 Mobile Phones, 28 x 40ft containers of used tyres, 1 Caterpiller Bulldozer, 4 x 40ft containers of Tobacco Scraps, 2,400 tonnes of Wheat, 1 x Mobile Crane, 130 Mondeo Cars, 5+ containers Cable Boxes, 1000 tonnes Zircon Sand, 2,500 tonnes Poultry Feed, 1 x Racing Yacht, 2000 tonnes of Wire, 2 x Drums of Electric Cable, 1 x Vessel "Golden Sky", 300,000 Generic Drugs, 1 x Tyre Shredding Machine, 2 x 40,000 tonnes Cement Ships, 40 tonnes Composite Panels, 4500 tonnes Hot Rolled Steel Coil, 600 tonnes Plastic, 3 Caterpiller Bulldozers, 1 Cargo Ship of Forklifts, Cranes & Cars, 1 x Container Shitake Mushrooms, 1 x Vessel "Parma Nocha", 1 x Floating Work Barge, 14 x Mobile Compressors, 30 Containers of Car Parts, 20,000 tonnes Caustic Soda,
2,000 tonnes Mono Ethyl Glycol, 140 Containers of Rice .... 
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  • We offer brokerage, procurement & buy outright options
  • Buyers of LCL/FCL, bulk & full vessel loads
  • Rapid response to cargo inspection
  • Negotiate with Customs & Excise & Port Health
  • Buying in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA & Middle-East
Historic Cargo
We buy 'as-is-where-is' anywhere in the world

See examples of stock we like to buy:

Nett App & Cisco EMC Kit
26,000 tonnes Coal
Plant Machinery, Steel, Chemicals & Plastics
1 x Mitsubishi 16 Cylinder Diesel Engine
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40 Years This June

In June 2018 we celebrate 40 years of buying, selling & procuring surplus salvage, & abandoned cargo worldwide.
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Capstone C100R Microturbines generators.  For export.