Historic Cargo

As Salvage Buyers...

We have a dedicated professional approach, no matter the volume, or where in the world the stock is located.

Examples of previous trades:

3 x Desalination plants, 1 x Nakamura-Tome CNC Machine, 30 x Refridgerated 40ft Containers, 1x Carl Zeiss Electron 50 Microscope, 5000 tonnes Direct Reduced Iron Pellets, 1,500 tonnes Kone Bucket Wheel Coal Unloader, 130+ mixed containers off the Napoli Container Ship, $1 Million Chocolates, 2 Million DVDs, 240 Nissan Cars, 14,000 Mobile Phones, 28 x 40ft containers of used tyres, 1 Caterpiller Bulldozer, 4 x 40ft containers of Tobacco Scraps, 2,400 tonnes of Wheat, 1 x Mobile Crane, 130 Mondeo Cars, 5+ containers Cable Boxes, 1000 tonnes Zircon Sand, 2,500 tonnes Poultry Feed, 1 x Racing Yacht, 2000 tonnes of Wire, 2 x Drums of Electric Cable, 1 x Vessel "Golden Sky", 300,000 Generic Drugs, 1 x Tyre Shredding Machine, 2 x 40,000 tonnes Cement Ships, 40 tonnes Composite Panels, 4500 tonnes Hot Rolled Steel Coil, 600 tonnes Plastic, 3 Caterpiller Bulldozers, 1 Cargo Ship of Forklifts, Cranes & Cars, 1 x Container Shitake Mushrooms, 1 x Vessel "Parma Nocha", 1 x Floating Work Barge, 14 x Mobile Compressors, 30 Containers of Car Parts, 20,000 tonnes Caustic Soda,
2,000 tonnes Mono Ethyl Glycol, 140 Containers of Rice .... 
Our Services
  • We offer brokerage, procurement & buy outright options
  • Buyers of LCL/FCL, bulk & full vessel loads
  • Rapid response to cargo inspection
  • Negotiate with Customs & Excise & Port Health
  • Buying in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA & Middle-East
Historic Cargo
We buy 'as-is-where-is' anywhere in the world

See examples of stock we like to buy:

Nett App & Cisco EMC Kit
26,000 tonnes Coal
Plant Machinery, Steel, Chemicals & Plastics
1 x Mitsubishi 16 Cylinder Diesel Engine
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Thank you NHS & Care Workers every where

We are just so grateful for all the NHS has done for us and our family. It's the best service in the world, top quality care and totally professional from the cleaners through to the consultants.

Thank you soooo much for all you have done to treat and support our family and friends over the years x

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In June we will be celebrating over 40 years of buying, selling & procuring surplus stock for end users worldwide.
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E-mail: post@crownsalvage.com  
Tel: +44 (0)1376 521 212
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